It’s Official Windows 10 is the next best thing!

Dear Friends,

I just upgraded my Windows 8.1 on Alienware 14 to Windows 10 Preview today. What I found is that there are many changes in OS upgrade process, where there is no compatibility issue I used to face back in the old days. Microsoft has really really improved theirs tech on this and I am very impress. The OS is fluid, every single functions work perfectly just like they should be. I also can’t deny that I’m feeling some influences of the flow and UI from the OSX. However, Windows 10 is completely overthrown the OSX premiumness at this point.

I have complete no doubt that this will be the next big thing for 2015, and it will completely changes the face of the current Windows platform forever.

The good news is this Preview release will allow you to upgrade to the GM (Final) version once the Windows 10 is out in public!! Just amazing!

Now during the wait, you can choose to receive each Preview build up to your preferences. You can choose between Slow or Fast mode for the update to be applied. Just like you are on the Beta channel in Firefox!

Yet, there are many things to be discovered but I suggest you find it out by yourself.

Great work! Microsoft!